Remember Alf? He’s back, in blog form!

I just really wanted to say that.
Well today I am feeling good. Usually when it’s cold I get amped up and do heaps.
I feel like a bear btw in my new brown hoodie and also by cold it’s 8 degrees.
I went to bean obsessed today at stock lands for a coffee.
Looking at my new scientist magazine,  with its doomsday headline ‘last days of earth’ I’m so stoked!
You might think I’m smoking something, but it means we’re closer to what I call final heaven but no more closer to Christ because there is no separation.
God and man are one in Jesus.

Wow, I get chills thinking about it. (Not the temperature).

Anywho that is all, et all, etc, et cetera.


Top 10

So I had this idea and thought why not!? Couldn’t wait. I’m bringing back top ten lists after david letterman went off air!

Top 10 Artists
Guns n Roses
Acoustic ad music
New life

Top 10 Top 10 Ideas
(10 then 9 and so on)
10. Comedians.
9. Falafels.
8. Fashion brands.
7. Kanye ‘ s clothes.
6. Vegetables.
5. Reasons.
4. Raisins.
3. Days of the week.
2. Numbers between 1 & 10.
1. Movies!


It’s nice to know I can just walk down the road , get a b/e roll and coffee almost anytime.
Any who,  just in the middle of installing Google Chrome cast in my bedroom.
In this Era of connectivity it’s useful to have a bigger screen to watch stuff on.
I wonder if you can watch people write blogs?

@ the mo I am listening to bethel music and it is awesome,  very good for walking and waking up.

Now for the rest of today I have to do a bit round the haus but what I’m really looking forward to is how God presses in to me.

The Edge

Walk On by U2 is definitely one of their best songs and as I start a new week I feel that the lyric ‘all that you can’t leave behind’ resonates..

It’s about letting go and moving on!

But where to? Hmm

Today I hope to be starting a few small projects from home. Being more expressive with writing is one, while I would also like to add another skill to my repotoire – drum design!


Like a river of stars
So is your heart for me – eternal, bright and dark

Today I woke up and smelled smoke!
Smoke is everywhere, all outside from back burning.
I don’t know what they mean, my back feels fine.
It reminds me though of biblical sacrifice. Hmm deep!


Well it’s now may 6th and we have sunny skies and warm temperatures.
Pretty good for autumn!
What a weird word,  hmm,
Phonetically spelt or tomb, read it is ortumen.
That is what I meant when I said I would write about anything.

Do you know what I am up to?
Probably not because I have said zilch. Well..
I may be involved in someone’s EP which is a good thing.
All this stuff mostly clothes and music  gear keeps arriving in the mail.
Been catching up with overseas friends lately.
I’m invited to a mate’s wedding which is awesome.

Nuff said.

‘Translations, so many revelations
just come, when you consider the nations’