I should have titled this ‘3 things.’
A photo – check.

‘give me more to adore’ – a quote I had to share

And a poem.

A Clever Endeavour
(a nonsense poem)

A clever endeavour in the month of September saw little boy Julius jump into December.
He fell into a store on the 31st floor when he jumped from an old brick tower.
His mother said “oh, I believe it’s yakult that brought this together.
This one fell overboard, that is, and he went falling after.”
The mall cop said “what! but he’s just a tot, how could you allow him to do this?”
The mum said “it’s fine and be kind rewind.”
Which had the man scratching his head. “you,mean he’d plummet for drink?”
She nods and towers as the boy gets back up in laughter.
“Come right away you silly boy or I shall lock you up in the larder!”.


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