Fire & Wine

A very good place to start, describing how I feel. Warm and a bit whoa! That just means I was recently at NL Dee Why with legions of lovers.

I have a penchant for writing at any hours but I love writing by the night as I can enjoy those nighttime sounds and the extra at home peace.

Sometimes I feel like resurgence can only come on a whim and a limb where we just go with the flow and I feel, after tonight I’m experiencing this in relation to music. Particularly with jamming with others, singing, writing and basic rapping. Uh.

Maybe one day I will include a link here to some music I have recorded however I should like to make something more recent first and share that.

I’m amazed at the newness of technology,  in other news,  in tablets and cars particularly. In the evening the streets light up with automocars filled with glowing mobile devices. Night just brings it out.

Maybe I should get more tech for music? Not an instrument but perhaps a device assisting with recording.



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