So I’ve been watering this bonsai in my bedroom and am so uber keen to see it grow and release the Japan vibe they are known for. Meanwhile right next to it is a terrarium with 3 plants I got for my most recent bday.
I do enjoy gardening I must admit,  or indoor plants at the least, I might even buy one more, one of those happy plants, as they are known.

I don’t have a plan to use plants as my deep metaphor for the day but I will say that it is great to receive much from desert type indoor plants that require little care and greater still to receive when you didn’t sow! So there you have it.

Meanwhile in other news, this is the last post about me, meaning the rest will be about funny times with mates etc.  In this last post , just lastly, before I end I want to be clear that I won’t be linking these posts to any other media online whatsoever,  especially twitter! The idea that you need people to read a tweet to make it worth following leads to a cycle of ‘I need readers to post, can’t get a reader without a post so why bother as I can just use Facebook.’



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