Post the 4th

I will include references in this post. Be assured it shall include some coverage of film unlike the hopeless last one.
Sitting in my room typing, God, the title of a book near me, reminds me of church at Dee Why @ a place called New Life.
It was at New Life I was exposed to bands such as Jesus Culture,  Bethel Music and United Pursuit , and more broadly atmospheric worship that goes for hours improvised. I reckon if you haven’t by now, get into this music!

Beats and rap also have a strong appeal to my rhythmic senses, and when combined with Japan the result is Nujabes who is a rare Japanese producer mainly active from 2002 up to 2010. I have sampled one of his songs called Silver Lining as part of what I have termed a sound collage.

In regards to film I enjoy blockbusters, easter eggs, indie films and unique sci-fi. I rarely go to cinemas unless on a big binge. My favourite film up to this point is Independence Day. However this is mostly due to the kid in the 90s factor. On you tube I go out of my way to almost research the latest in indie and short films, which when they aren’t set in an arid space future can actually be quite good. # cliche. 


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