Terminally Chilled

So  my guitar arrived finally. Its been months since it was ordered in January and it sounds so good to me.
Must be cause God handcrafted it ! I thought it was factory made but it is a unique model and all the brochures are in Japanese.
Getting used to that still.

Well. Today is Saturday and I just finished a bacon and egg roll with mum and the weather is slightly sprinkling w clouds.

Goal for today – chill.

Tonight is a family thing so between now and then I’ll ‘surf the web’ , exercise and relax.


Thought For The Day

Having just had a latte I’m re collecting what has happened in the last day or so.
I found more shoes for $15! Quite a snatch.
Did some sanding with a mate in DY or should I say DIY.
Told some people about a quaint little blog, and went to that most random of shopping centres – Aldi.
The temp is building to 26 degrees and I am thinking I will end up wet. 😰
I am the only one at home and still have to do the gardening in the heat arggh

Anyway God is my thought for the day. 🙂

All In Good Course

So, now I have 4 things in the post for me. An acoustic guitar ( takamine), a hat,  a shoes and a pair of gourmet (fancy) socks.
Phew! It has been a great day.  The weather was sunny and great and I spent the arvo in dee why.
In Dee Why I was at the church meandering and hanging out. Managed to get filmed singing a song I wrote, so that’ll go somewhere.
Had lunch at uncle Greg’s,  which was tacos and Turkish coffee.

Just got home and am still uber keen to go out. Hmm what next?
P.S. I am about to start telling people about said blog, as a way of helping people few and far between stay in touch.

That’s all 4 today!  ☺

Cha Ching

Today was/is great. I was blessed by coming across a $200 pair of shoes for $20!
Then I got this swell hat and a rad quicksilver belt. I love my fashion lol and a snap bargain!
Anyway the sun is shining and I am indoors, hmm what could be next?

Over The Horizon

Wow I met an American dude tonight who owns 12 guns and shoots his own  deer! O dear!
That’s awesome. And on the property they have there is a processor so they can make burgers and steak.
Changes my perspective for sure!
Went to Mimmo’s tonight,  a pizza joint where I just had desert. It is open til 3am:)
I think I’m realising how good God is.

Wonderful Horizons

I don’t fully know what lies ahead but it is gonna be awesome, especially looking at things as they are now.
The day is Monday,  a public holiday and I have just had some success with music and will need to share it soon.
I am looking at a book titled ‘The language of God’ and I could almost laugh. 
God can speak through anything, with or without words but associating god with language brings to the forefront the idea of every tribe,  tongue and nation joining as one in worship. How great is that!
I think the funny and confronting side to that however,  is that there are thousands of tribes with just 10 or 20 people!

The book I have read btw and the best quote is God is true north.

Fire & Wine

A very good place to start, describing how I feel. Warm and a bit whoa! That just means I was recently at NL Dee Why with legions of lovers.

I have a penchant for writing at any hours but I love writing by the night as I can enjoy those nighttime sounds and the extra at home peace.

Sometimes I feel like resurgence can only come on a whim and a limb where we just go with the flow and I feel, after tonight I’m experiencing this in relation to music. Particularly with jamming with others, singing, writing and basic rapping. Uh.

Maybe one day I will include a link here to some music I have recorded however I should like to make something more recent first and share that.

I’m amazed at the newness of technology,  in other news,  in tablets and cars particularly. In the evening the streets light up with automocars filled with glowing mobile devices. Night just brings it out.

Maybe I should get more tech for music? Not an instrument but perhaps a device assisting with recording.